Youth Tournament

Here are some of the pictures from the  Fritz Boyden Memorial Youth Tournament  held on Wednesday, June 12, 2024



June 12, 2024

To volunteer or donate call Dave Masters at 252-489-3351 or email

The tournament is from 7 am to noon and is headquartered at Jennette’s Fishing Pier



The NHSFC held its 51st Fritz Boyden Memorial Youth Tournament on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. There were 241 participants from 11 different states as well as the surrounding area. The 11 different states were Minnesota, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Delaware and Georgia.
In the 4 to 9 age group there were 125 anglers which consisted of 37 female anglers and 88 male anglers.
In the 10 to 16 age group there were 116 anglers which consisted of 19 female anglers and 97 male anglers.
Overall there were 56 female anglers and 185 male anglers.
There were 104 anglers that were local and 137 anglers that were visitors from out of the area.
Avalon Pier had 63 anglers
Nags Head Pier had 31 anglers
Jennette’s Pier had 120 anglers
Outer Banks Pier had 27 anglers
4 to 9 age group
Name. Pier. Sex. Fish
1. Max Dutton. Jennette’s M. Blue Fish. 17 1/2″
2. Jackson Bair. Avalon. M. Flounder 14 1/2″
3. Charly Ralph Outer Banks. M. Sea Mullet. 12″
4. Nola Burne. Avalon. F. Croaker. 8 1/2″
5. Angie McDaniel. Avalon. M. Spot. 7 3/4″
6. Jackson Kasprzyn Jennette’s. M. Pig Fish. 6 7/8″
Largest Fish Female
Ava Beliles. Jennette’s. F. Blue Fish. 14 1/4″
Largest Fish Male
Max Dutton. Jennette’s. M. Blue Fish. 17 1/2″
10 to 16 age group
Name. Pier. Sex Fish
1. Ian Gray Jennette’s M. Blue Fish 19 1/2″
2. Joseph Waddington Avalon. M. Trout. 13″
3. Casen Sawyer. Avalon M. Flounder. 11″
4. Wade Cobb. Nags Head. M. Sea Mullet 12 3/4″
5. Eli Gray Jennette’s M. Croaker 7 5/8″
6. Izak Pacheco Nags Head. M. Croaker. 7 5/8″
7. Jacob Flora Avalon. M. Spot. 8″
8. Brady McKinley Avalon M. Spot 8″
9. Jacob Flora Avalon M. Spade Fish 5 1/2″
10. Carlos Obregon Avalon M. Pig Fish 8″
Largest Fish Female
Alyssa Shawver Jennette’s. F Spot 7 1/4″
Largest Fish Male
Ian Gray Jennette’s M. Blue Fish 19 1/2″
Largest Fish Overall
Ian Gray Jennette’s M. Blue Fish 191/2″
I would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who helped make this youth tournament a huge success.
NHSFC Club and members –
Dave Masters Jr and Paula Masters:
Master of Ceremonies and club President
25 tackle boxes
Cookies, chips, sodas. And water
Setting up and talking down banquet room
Taking pictures of the kids fishing on the piers
Getting the t shirts and organizing the pier tackle boxes
Putting out youth tournament posters
Rose Lay:
Pier Captain and Chief Scorer
25 tackle boxes
Organizing the Captain pier books
Allison Rucker:
Getting the youth tournament trophies
Bobby Halstead:
Pier Captain and with Garret Lee
Setting Up and Taking down banquet room
Candi George:
Getting the $1,000 cash to put in the 50 tackle boxes
Rob Crawford: Trophy set up and filling tackle boxes with cash and Fishbites
Jon Worthington:
Pier Captain
Helping out at the banquet
Kat Mitchell:
Taking pictures of the winners at the banquet
Kiki Margaret Suppler:
Helped out at the Outer Banks Pier
Carol Mowers:
Pier Captain and $1,000 donation from her club
Outer Banks Anglers Club:
Jon Worthington Pier Captain with club volunteers
$500 donation by the club
N C Sea Hags:
Glenda Gaskill
Furnished volunteers at Avalon Pier
$80 donation by club
Outer Banks Visitors Bureau:
$1500 grant
Ocean’s East:
$1500 in gift certificates
Penn rod and reel for overall largest fish in youth tournament
Fishbites Inc:
$3,000 in fish bites to be given to each kid at registration and in each tackle box
Dominion Power:
Winnie Wade who furnished Dominion Power volunteers and a $500 donation
Worked at Jennette’s Pier helping register the kids
Mike Kelly and Kelly’s Hospitality:
Furnished and cooked 400 hotdogs
Provided all condiments, hotdog buns, napkins and plates
TW’s Bait and Tackle:
Justin Stewart gave huge discounts on rods and reels, tackle boxes and backpack cooler
Jenny with Jennette’s Pier for getting us the banquet room
All the pier owners and their staff at Avalon Pier, Nags Head Pier, Jennette’s Pier and the Outer Banks Pier.
I would like to thank all the pier captains and their volunteers
Avalon Pier Carol Mowers NCBBA
Nags Head Pier Rose Lay NHSFC
Jennette’s Pier Jon Worthington OBAC
Outer Banks Pier Bobby Halstead
Chief Score Keeper Rose Lay
Wednesday was a good fishing day with beautiful weather but we wished that more fish had showed up but due to a low tide and a SW wind fishing was slow but the kids had a great time.
The awards ceremony was Awesome and approximately 160 kids showed up for the event which was held on the second floor of Jennette’s Pier. Inside the air condition banquet room the kids were fed 400 hotdogs with chips, cookies, sodas and water.
When the kids registered for the tournament they were each given a free t shirt, fish bites and a $5 gift card from Oceans East Tackle.
At the banquet they put their name tags that were on their shirts into a bucket for a chance to win a tackle box that may contain a $10 , $20, $50 or a $100 bill in it plus some fish bites. There was a total of 50 tackle boxes that had a total of $1,000 in them.
A parent in the audience drew the first name out of the bucket and once that kid picked a tackle box , they also drew a name out of the bucket for the next winner . The kids got so excited by just hearing their names called out before they had even picked out a box to see what they had won. This part of the event has always been so exciting and satisfying for the kids and they really look forward for it.
The next part of the ceremony was announcing the winners in each age group and passing out the rod and reel and trophy for each winner. The kids love seeing the trophies sitting on the table as well as the awesome rods and reels leaning up against the table. For each age group there is a special rod and reel , trophy and tackle box for each female and male who caught the largest fish in their age group. The youth angler who catches the largest game fish in the tournament receives a special large trophy, a larger rod and reel and a backpack cooler.
This year’s 51st Fritz Boyden Memorial Youth Tournament was a huge success thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors and brought many smiles on the kids faces and excitement in their hearts. I would also like to thank all of the parents that help make this a special day for them and their child to have fond memories of them being together and having a great time at our tournament.
Youth Tournament Director
Tony S Garrett Sr






June 15, 2022

The weather was great on tournament day and some really nice fish showed up. A total of 221 anglers signed up with a total of 91 anglers in the 4 to 9 age group and a total of 130 in the 10 to 16 age group.  There were 123 anglers from 9 different states and 17 anglers from N C that were not local.

2022 Youth Tournament Results

Age Group 4 to 9:

Micah Perry Blue Fish 11 1/2 in

Hadley Foster Blue Fish. 11 7/8 in

Grayson Rayley Flounder. 15 in

Asher Capps Flounder 15 in

Kattey Stephens. Flounder. 8 3/4 in

Jonah Bair Sea Mullet. 13 1/4 in

Ellie Newns Sea Mullet 13 1/4 in

Jonah Bair Croaker 7 1/2 in

Cayden Scott Croaker 7 1/2 in

Florence Hine Spot 6 7/8 in

Kalden Harris Pig Fish 7 5/8 in

Largest Fish Female: Ellie Newns Sea Mullet 13 1/4 in

Largest Fish Male: Grayson Rayley Flounder 15 in

Asher Capps Flounder 15 in

Age Group 10 to 16:

Ethan Jenson Red Drum 29 1/2 in

Hanah McGowan Red Drum 24 in

Cole Ferrell Blue Fish 14 in

Izzy Boyer Blue Fish 12 in

Owen Stephens Flounder 18 in

Hanah McGowan Sea Mullet 14 in

Cayden Egglaston Croaker 8 1/2 in

Gloria Jamerson Croaker 7 in

Drew Elliott Spot 7 3/8 in

Angelina Meyers Trigger Fish 11 in

Jake Cekana Trigger Fish 6 3/4 in

Kiefer Pilgram Pig Fish 8 3/4 in

Olivia Newns Pig Fish 7 1/2 in

Largest Fish Female: Hanah McGowan Red Drum 24 in

Largest Fish Male: Ethan Jenson Red Drum 29 1/2 in

Largest Fish Overall: Ethan Jenson. Red Drum 29 1/2 in

Wed, Jul 20, 2022 05:11 PM

The Fritz Boyden Memorial Youth Fishing Tournament was started in 1970 by Fritz Boyden. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of this tournament because we did not have the tournament in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19’s virus during those two years and the tournament had to be canceled.

I would like to thank the owners and managers of the following fishing piers for letting us use their fishing piers to put on this tournament. A very special thank you to Jennette’s Pier for hosting our Awards Ceremony at their pier.

Avalon Pier Nags Head Pier

Jennette’s Pier

Outer Banks Pier

I would like to thank the following sponsors who helped make this tournament possible over the following years:

Nags Head Surf Fishing Club


N C Sea Hags.

Outer Banks Anglers Club

Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

I would also like to thank Kelly’s Hospitality Group for furnishing and cooking the 400 hot dogs, plus the paper plates ,napkins and condiments .

I would like to thank all the pier captains Carol Mowers of the NCBBA

Avalon Pier

Rose Lay of the Nags Head Surf Fishing Club Nags Head Pier Rose is also the Chief Judge Score Keeper of the tournament

Jon Worthington of the Outer Banks Anglers Club

Jennette’s Pier

Bobby Halstead of the Nags Head Surf Fishing Club

Outer Banks Pier

A special thank you to Dave Masters Jr President of the Nags Head Surf Fishing Club and Master of Ceremonies of the Fritz Boyden Memorial Youth Fishing Tournament.

Allison Rucker for getting all of the trophies for us.

Justin Stewart of T W’s Bait and Tackle for getting us the rods and reels, tackle boxes and cooler.

Dave Masters Jr wife who furnished the 45 tackle boxes

A special thank you to Susan Ogden for taking all of the pictures during the youth tournament .

And most of all the Greatest thank you to all the volunteers who are the backbone of this youth tournament and make it The Greatest Youth Fishing Tournament on the East Coast. They are the ones who work their Magic and hard work and dedication year after year that makes all of this happen which brings a smile on the kids faces in the tournament and that is what it is all about.

Youth Tournament Director Tony Garrett



2019 Youth Tournament Results

Overall Winners 4–9 Age Group

Mackenzie Santulla – BlueFish 15.5″
Nola Byrne – Trout 12″
Brooklyn Holder – Flounder 16″
Stella Bennett – Sea Mullet 16.5″
Declan Reilly – Croaker 9″
Becket Myers – Spot 8.5″
Becket Myers – Pig Fish 8″

Exemplary/Outstanding Catch
Kenyon Sweet – Blow Toad 6″
Nolan Burnar – Blow Toad 6″

Largest Fish Female
Stella Bennett – Sea Mullet 16.5″

Largest Fish Male
Barrett Eilert – Sea Mullet 13.25″

Overall Winners 10–16 Age Group

Vicky Merritt – Blue Fish 15.5″
Hannah McGowan – Trout 15″

Anthony Ivey – Flounder 18.75″
Dylan Jones – Sea Mullet 12.5″
Bowen Lesiewicz – Croaker 9.5″
Ethan Crowe – Spot 8.25″
Brennan Metz – Spade Fish 16″
Nicholas Anastasia – Pig Fish 8″
Joseph Webb – Pig Fish 8″

Exemplary/Outstanding Catch
Matthew O’Malley – Sheephead 15.625″
Kiley McGowan – Pompano 12.5″

Largest Fish Female
Ayva Holder – Flounder 16.5″

Largest Fish Male (and overall)
Anthony Ivey – Flounder 18.75″

Largest Fish Overall
Anthony Ivey – Flounder 18.75″