2019 Team Participants

TypeTeam Name
MXBad Liver**
Bald Hooters
Beach Drummers
FBlackbeard’s Babes*
Blues Brothers
Budweiser Six Pack
MXCape Hatteras Anglers Club**
Carolina Casters
FCertified Public Anglers*
Coastal Ready Mix
Colington Harbour Casters
MXCrooked Hooks**
Delaware Valley Surf Anglers
Diamond Shoal Anglers
MXDolphinettes Anglers Club
MXDrafty Tavern’s Cast-A-Ways**
Drag Setters
Drum Runners
Eastern Virginia Surf Casters
Extreme Team
MXFish Feeders
Fish Hawks
Fishin’ Fever’s Young Guns
MXFishin’ Fools
FFishin’ Pelicans*
FFrail Quails*
Great Bridge Fisherman’s Assn
Hot Liners
Inland Anglers Club
FIsland Girls
FKDH Tight Lines*
Kelly’s Stiff Rods
Kitty Hawk F-Team
Kitty Hawk Surf Fishing Team
Lords of the Manor
MXMerchantville Fishing Club**
Nags Head Lost Boys
Nansemond Anglers Club
North Carolina Beach Buggy Assn
FNitafish And The Hookers
FNorth Carolina Sea Hags*
Old Mullet
MXOne More Cast**
Oregon Inlet Fishing Team
Outer Banks Hurricanes
Outer Banks Saltmasters
Outer Banks Sportfishers
Outer Banks Video Fishermen
MXPisces Poachers**
Plymouth Pluggers
MXRaisin’ Rods**
Reality Strikes
Reelin’ Nauti
Ridge Anglers
Rising Tides
Roanoke Rod Slingers
Roanoke Surf Fishing Club
Rock and Reelers
FSam & Omie’s Different Drummers*
Sand Bandits
MXSandbar Anglers**
FShe Devils*
Snaggers Fishing Club
Southern MD Beach Casters
Team Advanced Fishing – USA
Tide Runners
Tidewater Backlashers
FTwisted Blues Sisters*
FTW’s Mullet Mamas*
Virginia Beach Anglers Club A
MXVirginia Beach Anglers Club B